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They jumped out of the window, actually it could be said that they jumped out of all of the windows, all at once, all over the world.  This particular jump was the crescendo to the performers celebrated career, and to this day they still plummet and the applause never stops.  The chapped clapping hands, those aching hands, all the hands in a sinuous pattern, multitudes of admirers hands throbbing with the rhythm of so many excited palpating hearts. X and I fell out of the great tower window their bodies beautifully twisted in classical form. True artists.  If you had the chance to witness that first moment as they simultaneously broke through the window pane, well, you too would be clapping.

As it is, here we are, the two of us in this strange poorly lit diner eating Entaoudiean pie, and that is the story of how X and I attained orbit.  That is why they spin around us still; their skeletons intermingled with those shards of colored glass gleaming in the moonlit night-sky for our entertainment.  

This is why here in this place we have no windows.  It is why we are beyond windows.

text - Jeremy Delgado

processing sketch - Raymond Delgado